Business Leads

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What is a lead?

A lead is initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business

Who can submit leads to the business?

  • Everyone

How is a lead submitted?

A lead is submitted through the “Contact Us” form on your business profile.

Required Fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Subject

  • Message

Optional Fields:

  • Mobile Phone Number

  • Attachments


Where can I find my leads?

When a visitor completes and submits the “Contact Us” form on your business profile, it will appear under business leads.

To view a lead, simply click “View Lead”.


Managing a Lead

When managing a lead, you must first assign the lead to a customer record.

  • Add as Customer

    • This option can be used if no customer record exists.

    • When adding a new customer:

      • The contact information from the lead will be used.

      • The lead will be stored to the customer profile as a private note.

  • Assign to Existing Customer

    • Lead information will replace existing data, if any.

  • Archive

    • When archived, any attachments will be deleted.


Once a lead has been assigned to a customer, you can:

  • Reply via Email

    • If customer email is on-file.

  • Reply via Text

    • If customer mobile phone number is on-file.

  • Archive

    • When archived, any attachments will be deleted.


Handling Spam

In the event a spam message comes through, you may mark the message as spam to remove it from your leads list.

  • The message will be marked as spam.

  • Any attachments will be purged from the system.