Please note:

  1. Content of this article or the service are subject to change at anytime without notice.

  2. Features vary by subscription plan.

To accept payments of any kind, you must first complete the Stripe onboarding process.

Additionally, please refer to Application/Processing fees for more information about fees you may incur.

Donation Page

If the “Donations” feature is enabled on your account, we’ll add a “Donate” button to your business profile. This button has a link to your dedicated donation page.

Donation Types

We support the following donation types:

  • One-Time

  • Recurring

    • Annual

    • Monthly

Donation Receipts

We will automatically send the donor a receipt for their donation (on your behalf).

To customize the look/feel of your receipt emails, please visit your Stripe Branding settings.

This feature cannot be disabled, and may help you to prevent charge-backs.

Communication Preferences

While your donor completes the donation form, we will ask them for their communication preferences, this is for legal compliance, and allows you to send them communication(s) (i.e. email, text, or call) depending on their selection.