Please note:

  1. Content of this article or the service are subject to change at anytime without notice.

  2. Features vary by subscription plan.







Navigation Bar

This is how you will navigate the business portal.


Important links are located at the bottom:

  • Documentation

  • Help

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms of Service


Search Bar

You can search for customers here.


Notification Area

You can see notifications here.

Notification types:

  • New appointment request.

  • New lead.

  • New text message(s).


Text Panel

You can access the text panel by clicking the “SMS” icon in the notification area.


System Alerts

System alerts will appear here, these can include:

  • Important Updates

  • Maintenance Notices



You can see how well your business is performing, by reviewing your business statistics.


Available Statistics:

  • Total Customers

    • Total Active

    • Total Archived

  • Total Emails Sent

  • Total Leads

    • Active Leads

    • Archived Leads

  • Total SMS Received

  • Total SMS Sent


Support Chat

If your business plan includes support chat, you’ll see the following bubble; you can click on it to chat with support.


Note: If your subscription plan does not include support chat you can always click on “Help” in the navigation bar to submit a support ticket.